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Ways Live Chat Will Better Your Online Business

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat for websites | 0 comments

Consumers rule the online landscape nowadays.  They do their own research and often prefer self-services.  But eventually, even the smartest online customer will have a question. What then?

Let’s face it, most FAQs don’t answer the true make-or-break questions, and most people (including us) don’t have the patience to make a phone call and wait in line for an agent to answer the call.  Email is a great option, but who has hours to wait around for a response?

If your website offers live chat, customers can ask their questions with relative ease, make their purchase and go about their day.  Sounds great, right? But is live chat really worth the investment? Let us show you why we think it is.

  1. Gain valuable Insight Into Your Visitors

What better way to learn about your customers than by engaging in conversation with them?

Live chat gives you instant access to the thoughts and concerns of your clients.  And since it allows you to engage in actual human conversation, you can gain relevant information by asking them questions.  This allows you to identify the true pain points of your clients, which can prove invaluable as you work to improve your products, services and marketing goals.

  1. Engage When It Matter Most

It may sound cliché, but live chat puts you in the right place and at the perfect time.  It gives you an opportunity to connect with virtual window shoppers, many of whom are just a few questions and answers away and shy of making a purchase.  So whether you pop the chat automatically or wait for the customer to reach out, you’re in a unique position to engage when it matters the most.

  1. Builds Strong Connections

Live chat provides an immediate connection, one of that customers have come to expect in this age of instant gratification.  What’s more, it’s very personal.  Customers know they’re speaking to a live person, someone with actual knowledge of your products and services who can give them helpful advice when they need it the most.

And let’s face it, real answers from real people mean a lot more than a lifeless auto-response.  Because no matter how well prepared that response may be, it just can’t consider the specific circumstances of your customer.

  1. It Makes Life Easier

When a potential customer visits your website, you want them to have the best user experience right?

Well, consider this: 44% of consumers say that having a live person available to chat with them during their online shopping journey is one of the most important features a website can offer.

And why not? Live chat is very convenient. It saves time and allows the client to multitask while waiting for their answer.  Plus, no annoying background music or long holds. Another added bonus is that visitors can request a chat transcript for future reference.

Interested in installing live chat on your website? You customers will love you for it.

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