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The Top Live Chat Benefits You Must Know

Posted on 10 May 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you’re on this blog, you probably already know that live chat is a platform that enables you to chat directly with your website visitors.

You may also know that while live chat and instant messenger apps such as Facebook chat or Google+ do share some similarities – for instance, they both give you the opportunity to c hat and transfer files – these platforms have many differences.

What you may not be aware of, is how exactly live chat benefits your business when compared to email, phone support, instant messenger services and other types of communications.

Live chat is a must-have tool for your website, and this blog is going to show why you need to install live chat right away.

  1. It reduces expenses

Phone support is how many companies have handle customer support, but it can be very costly – both in terms of toll charges and person-per-hour-cost.

Live chat doesn’t cost much more than a quality email provider and is so much cheaper than phone support. If fact, it can be up to 30% cheaper than a phone call.

This is mainly because live chat gives you the opportunity to have your team multitask and assist many visitors at the same time. On average, with the right training, most live chat agents can handle up to 5 visitors at the same time.

This live chat benefit, called chat concurrency, can save your company a lot of personnel cost, as it allows your agents to serve the same amount of customers as a larger team of phone support employees.

  1. It increases sales

Many studies have shown time and time again that live chat increases sales.

Live chat software can increase sales by up to 20 percent and that the typical ROI rate from paid live chat software for sales team is about 300%.

These numbers make one thing clear: live chat is a very effective tool to generate leads and make sales. Because live chat provides visitors with instant access to your support staff and sales team (and vice versa,) your team has many more chances to turn these visitors into paying customers.

  1. Improves customers service

To help you get a better understand of how much customers appreciate access to live chat, consider that survey found that many customers will not use a website if it doesn’t have live chat. They prefer live chat over phone or email support.

  1. It helps you discover customer pain points

The internet revolution and digital marketing brought many new business terms, and “pain points” is one of them. A pain point is a problem on a website that a customer has that has not been fixed yet.

With traditional support systems, such as phone or email, it is sometimes difficult to know the pain points of your customers.

With live chat, thought, administrators and chat supervisors can quickly access chat histories, which can be sorted, searched and filtered to find pain points.

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