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How Live Chat Differs From Instant Messenger

Posted on 10 May 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When people hear the world “Live Chat” these days, they think of those small message windows found on social media pages such as Facebook or Google+. However, technically, those types of communications channels are known as “instant messenger.” If you’re wondering what is live chat exactly, or are a little bit confused about the differences between live chat and instant messenger then this blog is for you. In short, live chat is a platform that uses your website to communicate with your visitors, and an instant messenger app is something to use to communicate with people you already know. Continue reading this blog to find out more about the differences between live chat and instant messenger and how live chat can help your business grow.

Live Chat Essentials

To answer the question “what is live chat” in a nutshell, it’s a messaging application designed to help you communicate with your website visitors and provide them with support while they are browsing your site. The interface of a live chat application is similar to an instant messenger window, and both types of applications can be used to chat. However, that is where the similarities end for all practical purposes. Essentially, live chat software gives you the opportunity to have your agents chat with your website visitors, while instant messenger platforms lets you message other people who have the same application installed or who are members of the same social media platform such as Facebook or Google+.

Live Chat vs Instant Messenger

As mention above, the primary differences between live chat and instant messenger applications is the audience that can be reach. Live chat lets visitors contact support staff on a website, and IM or instant messenger apps only let you chat with other members or a social media site. Many live chat and instant messenger applications are designed primarily to provide support to anonymous or semi-anonymous website visitors. It helps with problems, providing product information and pain points. On the other hand, people usually use instant messenger applications to chat with others in their contact or friends list on the same social media site.

Benefits of Live Chat

On the outside, it may appear that instant messenger applications are better than live chat but they are not. If you have a website and want your visitors to be able to contact and communicate with you instantly and in real-time, then you need live chat installed on your website.  A live chat button sits prominently on your website where a visitor can easily click and get instant access to one of your expert agents who will assist them with whatever they need. When a visitor clicks on the button to send a message, you get it right away giving you the opportunity to turn a website visitor into a paying client. Better live chat software allows you to monitor website visitors and help them before they even click on the button. Modern live chat systems support provides much more than instant messenger applications and can help your website grow.

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